Located In Shelby, NC

  Phone 704-480-0065

AC Motors: Three Phase, Multi-Speed, Wound Rotor, Single Phase, etc. Rewinds, Voltage Change, Class “F”/Class “H” Insulation, Multiple Dips & Bakes on Large Motors

DC Motors: Permanent Magnet, Shunt Wound, Compound etc. Rewind Armatures, Field Coils & Interpoles, Machine & Undercut Commutators.

Servo Motors: AC/DC Brushless Servo Motors, DC Brushed Servo Motors, Spindle Motors, Stepper Motors, etc. Rewinds, Counter EMF Testing - Evaluate Waveform & Magnets using Oscilloscope, Commutaion Alignment.

Feedback Devices: Encoders - Incremental, Serial, Absolute. Hall Effect Sensors,      Resolvers, AC & DC Tachometers. Measure Output Signal Quadrature Offset, Symmetry, Line Count & Continuous Count.

Special Coil Rewinding: Clutch, Brake & Holding Coils, Electromagnetic Chucks, etc.

Testing: Surge Testing, DC Hi-Pot Testing, Growler Testing, Megohmmeter Testing, Open Stator Testing, Test Run at Rated Voltage and Check Amperage.

Machine Shop: Weld, Machine & Cut New Keyways, Repair Bearing Journals and Seal Surfaces, Bore & Bush Endbell Housings to Mfr. Specs. Motor and Shaft Modifications.

Other Services: Repair Submersible and Centrifugal Pumps, Variety of Gear   Reducers, Mixer Heads and Gear Drives, Eddy-Current Clutch Drives, All types   of Motors Foreign & Domestic, NEMA &  Metric.